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    Revolutionary stroke of genius: huge sail size spec in the field of vision

    North Sails is proud to announce that there will be soon coming out the first 3 batten wave sail on the market. The mega compact sail also features a luff lengths well below 3 meters making triple loops a piece of cake.

    The early release 2010 model BOX THE FLY is the latest stroke of genius initiated by our “brain” Kai Hopf.

    10 months of top secret r&d work on Maui and at a European location nearby Guincho was the basis for this unbelievable product.

    We will post the first pictures of it in the near future together with an action clip which shows how impressively this new concept works.
    So stay tuned for the full on background story about this state-of-the-art product on http://www.north-windsurf.com%5Bbr%5D%5Bimg:width=300&height=467%5D{e_FILE}public/1238604132_42_FT4493_news_pic_409_1.jpg[/img]